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About the Good Grief! Subscription Plan!

Good Grief! is a zine shop in Manchester specialising in the aforementioned alongside art books, comics, prints, records and tapes. Curated by illustrator/poster artist David Bailey, Good Grief! has been operating since December 2009. The shop sees a constant flow of exciting
arrivals direct from the artists, writers and makers of all things smallpress and self-published from the UK, Europe and Global Underground. On account of the fact that our stock is often hand-made or produced in small quantities it doesn't stick around for long. The brand new Good Grief!
subscription service gives you the chance to get your hands on the most sought-after printed matter no matter how limited the run.

Receive a hand-picked selection of the latest Good Grief! arrivals delivered to your door each month. Plus bundles of extra stuff exclusive to subscribers. Choose from the bonus laden plans available here.

You will receive a package for every month of your chosen subscription, shipping is the 1st of every month. The subscription plan's first shipping will be 1st October 2010. Sign up now, limited places available.

Please email me if you have any questions at . Visit the blog for news updates at